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Lucinda Taylor Hypnotherapy

Phobias and Panic Attacks

Phobias reside in your subconscious, and this is why hypnosis is the approach of choice for people who wish to beat their phobias and live their lives fully again without the limiting effects of fear.

Humans have evolved to react quickly to frightening things - a Stone Age human who didn't react as fast as possible to the sabre tooth tiger lurking nearby was in trouble! So evolution dispensed with the conscious mind in this reaction, in order that humans could go straight from becoming aware of a threat to their bodies flooding with adrenalin ready to react fast, with no thought in between. This works great for actual threats, but it does mean that if we have a fear or a phobia of something that is not actually a threat, no amount of reasoning with ourselves works, as we experience a strong fear reaction before we can think. Hypnosis gets to the part of you that reacts, and teaches it not to bother when it is confronted by a non-threat.

A huge range of phobias can be treated, from more common phobias such as arachnophobia or phobias of dogs or flying, to rarer phobias such as a phobia of buttons. Sometimes a phobia is the result of one traumatic event such as a dog bite, other times it is learned, often in childhood from a parent. Either way, hypnosis offers a way to conquer the fear and put what you were phobic of back into proper perspective in your life - no more refusing to go to the bathroom until a spider has been removed from the bath, no more avoiding necessary dental work, no more choosing holiday destinations based on no vaccinations needed or being able to travel there other than by plane.

Panic attacks can be linked to phobias, but other people suffer them without a specific phobia, panicking instead from more generalised anxiety of, for example, social situations. Suffering from panic attacks can be debilitating and have a very large impact on your life. Hypnosis can be used in two ways to help: to teach you how to control the beginnings of the fear reactions and stop a panic attack in its tracks, and to teach your subconscious that the things that normally trigger your fear should be reacted to in a calmer and more controlled way.

Hypnosis is one of the purest forms of relaxation, and as such, is excellent at combatting anxiety-based problems.