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Lucinda Taylor Hypnotherapy

Pregnancy, Labour and Birth

The thing that first led me to train as a hypnotherapist was being introduced to hypnotherapy by my midwife for my first baby. I was a little anxious, but had hypnotherapy sessions regularly as well as practising the relaxation techniques and it really helped. It was pleasant in itself to take some time out during my pregnancy and ease my aches and pains with total relaxation, but the biggest benefit was during labour itself. I stayed calm, never even experiencing that "I can't do this anymore!" feeling a lot of women get during transition. I used self-hypnosis, a TENS machine, and then a birth pool for pain relief, together with a little gas and air, and never felt the need for anything more. My labour was quick, for a first baby, about 11 hours from my very first contraction, which I attribute largely to being so relaxed. My 9lbs 5oz son was born happy and relaxed himself, and alert due to the lack of medical pain relief in his system. His APGARs were 9 and 10 so he obviously approved of his entry into the world!

Hypnotherapy had been so successful for me I decided to train as a hypnotherapist myself. This I did, and when my labour approached with my second son I again prepared with hypnotherapy. He was also born at home, after an even shorter labour during which I felt in control and calm throughout.

I really believe in the difference hypnotherapy can make to the whole birth experience, especially to anyone who has anxieties or fears about it. The birth of your child is something you will always remember, and a traumatic experience can have long-reaching effects on bonding and the early days of parenthood, so contact me to invest in giving yourself the best chance of this most important day going well.